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People often follow diets that are extremely unhealthy. This may be due to various reasons. Some may not have the time to eat healthy and some may not have the financial condition to do so. However, now here is a diet which is well within anyone’s budget. It was formulated by Toni Okamoto, who believes that eating healthy is the thing that matters and it can also be done in an affordable manner.

This is mainly a food plan which is plant based i.e. the person following this plan needs to eat lots of green vegetables. Now, if you are wondering about its advantages then there are many. This diet is a perfect way to clean your body of all toxic materials and that no doubt will help you in improving your overall health condition. Other than that it also helps you to decrease inflammation in an effective manner and that also without any kind of side effects.

This is why I’ve decided to participate in the #plantbaseddietonabudget challenge this month.  My diet consists of kale and spinach salads, smoothies and juicing.  The combinations are both filling and satisfying for my sweet tooth!

While on this diet there’s a certain routine to follow in a strict manner otherwise the diet will not be fruitful and all efforts will be in vain.  Not sure about others, but I have to be prepared for my weak moments!

With this diet the things I’ve most avoided are meat and processed foods.   I’ve also concentrated on eating more green vegetables and fibers.

Although, this is my first “challenge” – I won’t be hard on myself if I slip in a slice of pumpkin pie today as it is Thanksgiving day.  Once the month is over, I’d like to continue my attempts of eating healthier that includes budgeting.  Usually our food costs are unbelievably high, so it would be great to continue our eating habits, while slashing the amount of money spent on a monthly basis.