“Between my natural dreaded. late. bloomer BEing and my tenacious boy – I feel young and alive….present.”

Hola!  I am a mother to a curious and energetic boy.  At the time of this writing,  he’s about to turn 5!  Unlike me, he’s an extremely social extrovert.  When he walks into the room, he demands attention.  This was clearly displayed to us the first year of his life.  But, what was also clear was super sensitivities to certain food and environmental allergens.  This blog will cover lots of hot topics within the food allergy world, but will also contain random thoughts…outings, homeschooling, etc. <FOR FUN!>

My husband and I have changed our lifestyle significantly since his food allergy diagnosis in 2009, but no matter what – he’s my little lovejoy!

Blogs are currently in the works…THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi!

    I’d love to speak to you sometime about your Food Allergy Friendly Food Pantry. I’m starting a non-profit regarding food allergy education and focusing my initial efforts on the food insecure.

    I didn’t see a place to email you directly so feel free to contact me at erin.malawer@gmail.com.

    All the best,

    Erin Malawer
    Founder, AllergyStrong
    Allergy, Shmallergy

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