Sun in NOLA

My grandmother passed away a week ago and UNFORTUNATELY I’m unable to attend the funeral…with a newborn at home, it’s hard travelling at this time of year. Thought about leaving him here with my husband, but I’m breastfeeding! (that wouldn’t work, right?)

So, what I’ve decided to do is have my own memorial. Here. Now. Right where – I AM.

I’ll always remember your smile….


I remember your nickname for me as a kid was “Blacky.”  Yep, makes me laugh aloud thinking about it.  I’d never physically FELT a curse word before until I HEARD you speak it.  Yes, I recognized a professional bad ass early on!

As a teenager, pumpkin pies became my new favorite after trying yours one Thanksgiving.  Still is to this day!
You were a cougar, before the term existed.

Anytime I here the song, More Bounce to the Ounce – I always remember you dancing in the kitchen.

You lived your life to the fullest and your memory will live on.

Loving you always,

Your granddaughter, Sun