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Last summer, the kid began kung-fu sessions with Master Gohring. I was a little skeptical about whether he’d like it or not…if he’d cooperate.  But, I was surprised when he came out bustling with joy.  Later that week, he declared himself a “Lil’ Dragon” as he hung from a tree at Green Gate Farm.  I appreciate that although there were so many kids of similar age, Master Gohring and Instructor Hunter’s ability to give equal attention to all of them. The best part is despite the fact that the directions were sometimes hard to understand (or follow for a then 4 year old ENERGIZER BUNNY)… the master and instructor would reiterate the rules in such a manner that made it fun, and doable.

The art of Kung Fu helps with focus and concentration in your kid.  My little lovejoy has expressed to me that they were taught about focusing with their eyes, mind and body. They were tough to speak in a way which shows utmost respect for the teacher. Not only that but, also two of the major techniques were taught to the kids. The techniques are that of paying attention and bowing.

My kid even loved it more because now he pretends to be a Ninja which I find helps tremendously.  He sits quietly sometimes at home which initially shocked me – but, he later announced that he’s “being a Ninja!”

Kung-Fu is not only good for the aspect of self defense. It also helps to enhance the factor of confidence in young kids.

Last but, not least – it’s a FOOD FREE ACTIVITY!!!  (Anyone who knows me KNOWS most of his extra-curricular activities are.)