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There is a famous saying that all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Not sure about your kids, but our kiddo needs LOTS of play time. Now when it comes to that, we sometimes have trouble deciding where to take him. I mean…he loves bouncy houses, but there are so many children’s venues here in Austin.  We try to introduce him to a wide variety of places – indoor and outdoor.  Over the summer, I read about the children’s museum, The Thinkery re-opening near Mueller Park.  Last week, after much anticipation, my son finally explored their backyard.  He’s been eyeing the climber for weeks now!
IMG_3171  IMG_3170

The Thinkery is a great place, possibly the best place where a kiddo can surely have a lot of fun and use their imaginations. The Thinkery provides lots of indoor activities like the light lab, spark shop, and kitchen lab to name a few.  Kids always love to learn new things and The Thinkery is the perfect place for it!
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