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Today, the kid accompanied me to the University of Texas for a visit with an old friend who’s also a student there.  For months, he’d inquired about UT as we’d often pass it walking or driving along the drag.   So, I thought I’d plan a lunch date with “Ms. Nikki!”  My son was filled with great excitement as this was his first time visiting the university.  “WOW!  It’s HUGE!”  Is what he said.


When we arrived, he noticed students with a boyfriend or girlfriend.  He’d look up at me, frown and say, “YUCK!”  Normal for a young boy, right? After lunch, “Ms. Nikki” took him on a brief tour of the campus – he was really thrilled to be there!

He later discovered the George Washington and Martin Luther King statues on Campus which was perfect, as we’d recently read about the American Revolution and Civil Rights.

20140801_111541                  20140801_122428
It was a great adventure for him to eat and hang around all of  the “young adults” as he referred to them…  He created his own play area -SLIDE INCLUDED- and the students passing by smiled and admired his high energy level and tenacity!  I was totally amazed to see him comfortably interacting with UT students at such a young age! blah, blah, blah….not surprised one bit.


This kid IS a social butterfly!.  He was in a superb mood as he gallivanted around the UT campus exploring and chatting with students.  His face and this moment brought up a pleasant smile within me. The kid had a great day and the world is HIS playground!